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Rain Might Play Spoilsport For Phone Tappers

by KhufiaBaaz

After Hanse Cronje's conversations were tapped when he stayed at the Taj Gateway (then Taj Residency) in Kochi, cricketers have been keen to be moved to the city's other Taj, Malabar where the service is better and they don't play Boney M and Michael Jackson all day long at their restaurants, preferring instead Kenny G classics from the 1700s. This has upset phone tappers in the national peeping association who had no idea where the cricketers had been shifted to until Michael Clarke and Suresh Raina gave away their locations by posting pictures on twitter of the rainy scenery from their hotel windows. Eager phone tappers however have been hit by another force of nature as the city has been hit by stormy weather creating a natural disturbance in the background. Although unlikely it is possible a few Australian cricketers might officially announce within the hour that the rain is a conspiracy to defraud Pakistan.

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