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Boredwaani: Bored of ODI Series - Shut Up and Listen!

by achettup

After the tests come the ODIs, but nobody wants to play... Sachin, Sehwag, Bhajji, Zak, Gambhir, pRick, Watson and Johnson are all missing... but Ravindra Jadeja, Nohit Sharma and Yuvraj all return. Listen to Bored Members SP, Homer, Cricketcouch and Achettup try to make sense of whether anyone is interested, even the Fake One Down Player, in this "Bored of ODI" Series...

1 comment:

Anil Singh said...

nice BoredVaani again.

With Homer, StraightPoint, Cricket Couch and Achettup having a good discussions and good on insights and with predictions.

Notably, it's good to include R Ashwin as one member said, as cricket being a mental game,a player who is performing well should be the part of the squad. I agree with SP, Che should be included too, for the same above reason. in simple, if you don't include a player with a recent great knock; then how can you blame him for poor show at some venue three months later. Though he may be playing very soon in tests; still why stop a player who wants to play.

I agree with Homer that, Munaf is a typical case of faulty utilization, May be Dhoni's bonhomie atmosphere in the nets and the dressing room is detrimental to Munaf; who needs to be pushed.