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Dan sings the Rain Blues

by KhufiaBaaz

Spotted outside the MA Chidambaram stadium, venue of the 5th ODI between India and New Zealand, a handful of crazy fans are praying for rain. This went largely unnoticed, till a group of Black Caps led by Daniel Vettori joined them.

Even though Vettori and his boys were in disguise, dressed appropriately as peacocks, the theme for this congregation, it was the captains’ hangdog look that gave him away.

Cover blown, Vettori mumbled something about how it was unfortunate that rain had postponed the one-day series in Sri Lanka. Carrying on in the same vein, he added that the Aussis did not deserve to be saved by rain at Adelaide.

“I will gladly play a rain-effected match today, as we have had some success in the past against India in T20s.” he said, as he turned to sing the Rain Song in Tamil.

James Franklin was still at the hotel, watching the highlights of his 98 not out in Bangalore.

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