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Warne's pre-Ashes workout and beyond

by KhufiaBaaz

Shane Warne has decided to play for Pakistan first, and then consider his options with Australia. Comebacks, even post retirement, have always been much easier in Pakistan, Mohammed Yousuf will vouch that that. Also playing for Pakistan will ease Warne into international cricket, he can get away with 2 over spells, then go off for a drink, smoke, put his legs up, Akhtar will vouch for that.

Appears he will return for the tour opener - Auckland vs. Pakistanis, a warm-up match on 23rd December. If he wants, he will be allowed to captain the side. In all likelihood, if he has a good game, he will seriously consider playing in the Boxing Day test in Melbourne.

Warne claims if fitness is an issue, he will stand at first slip throughout the test. He wants to be there to captain the side, and reduce Ricky’s load so he can focus on his batting. Warne also said he was looking to replicate his Rajasthan Royals’ model in the Australian team, and having Shane Watson play for him was just great. Though he did quickly add, that not having Yusuf Pathan was a huge blow.

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