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The India-South Africa test series: InSaf

by bored cricket crazy indians

In keeping with the anti-tradition series on BoredCC!, The Asses and Teri Maa Ki, it gives us perverse pleasure to call this one InSaf – the battle for No. 2.

InSaf (or Insaaf, justice), as India return to South Africa again, to sort the Saffas, once and for all, and hold them responsible, for throwing M.K. Gandhi off the train.

What better way than a test series to settle some bad old blood between two nations.

Ideally the test matches should have been played on a train, but a ground will do just fine.

There are some who no doubt will look for hidden meanings in InSaf – such as India South Africa, or even India in South Africa.

The way we look at it, you can look at it, any which way.

It will be shorter and spicier than The Asses. There will be no The InSaf on twitter, no calls for Anil Kumble to return, and of course, Kumble will not take off with Liz Hurley.

There will be on the field distractions. And if there aren’t, there’s Bored Cricket Crazy Indians.

And those faux intense ads asking you to bring it on. Speaking to Indians in Afrikaans, that was a good touch. Like Nel sledging Sreesanth in Transvaal tongue.


Crownish said...

now playing InSAF :The Sreesanth Redemption

Unknown said...

I wouldn't bet against calls for Kumble to return... given that our lead spinner is Harbhajan Singh (is he any better than Xavier Doherty?).

But yes, Kumble is unlikely to take off with Liz Hurley!