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The Night Before the first InSaf test,

by Gaurav Sethi

Outside Zaks room, some of his mates sing a parody of the Complan tune

Chrous: “I’m a groin boy, I’m a groin boy…”

Zaks not amused, snaps at them

Zaks: Tumne pee rakhi hai kya?

Bhajji: Haaan!

Sreesanth: Complan!

They all sing again

Chorus: “I’m a groin boy, I’m a groin girl”

Zaks too is amused

Zaks: Haha groin ki toh #@%$* lug gayee. Chalo, let’s disturb Dravid

Bhajji: Areh, whoh toh pahele se hi disturbed hai…

Elsewhere, in Kirsten’s room, Dravid arrives with his books

Kirsten: Hi Rahul, that’s a lotta books

Dravid: Yeah, I got the history of Centurion here…and some stuff on cricket heritage of South Africa…the Cronje secret diaries…some stuff by Woolmer, take your pick

Furious knocking outside Kirsten’s door

Chorus: “I’m a groin boy, I’m a groin girl…”

Dravid: Oh, I’ve heard that…that’s from the 80s ad…for Complan

Kirsten: Serious, they said Groin boy??

Dravid (half smiles) Oh, that’s just some of the youngsters laughing at Zaheer…not the ideal preparation the night before a test but…as they say…to each his own…

The boisterous bunch is in Kirsten’s room, someone asks –

Voice: Garry sir, should we take him or his books??

Kirsten (smiles): Ok boys, let's call it a night. Big day tomorrow.

The players exit Kirsten's room. Dravid makes his way back to his room, at the end of the corridor, humming to himself...

Dravid: I'm a groin boy, I'm a groin girl...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

huh? hamstring isn't = groin!