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RDX: 200 catches can wait, we’re still in 50 hundreds’ heaven

by Bored Guest

Sorry, the headline was a slip. Playing with the young lot, I’ve learnt to lighten up a bit. I even read Ishant’s comics sometimes, but only on the condition that he reads the prologue of my book. Once when I made him do that, Sachin laughed, “forget prologue, he only knows Hum Log”. That was ironical, because I don’t think Ishant has ever watched Hum Log (we people) That was a different time.

But that’s what slip catching is all about – Hum Log! There is the ball, the bowler, the batsman who edges it, the umpire who has to raise his finger, and lastly, yours truly, the slip fielder.

Bhajji asked me, how does it feel to take 200 catches – “Better than Catch 22” I replied. He nodded, and in all seriousness asked me, “what was Catch 22 like, did you drop it?” We all laughed, that’s the thing about Bhajji, he will always take the joke to the next level, even if he doesn’t get it.

There was a joke in the dressing room that Australia will now want Mark Waugh who has 181 catches to return so he can challenge my 200 catches.

MSD insisted that I should keep wickets now, so he can concentrate on the captaincy. 

As a slip catcher you must have big hands and little feet. Knowing ballet is an added advantage.

Today’s catch was special, not because it was the 200th, but I finally felt I had done something in this test match. Later when I saw the replays, I was zapped how I hugged Bhajji. Bhajji said to me, “you are now a Punjabi, showing your emotions”.

To which I replied, “Teri…” There was a stunned silence, and then a drunken roar of laughter.

Somehow I can’t sleep tonight. Think I’ll catch sheep.

by RDX
This is the seventh in a series of posts by RDX, exclusively for Bored Cricket Crazy Indians.

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