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Why Kohli and not Kumble was retained by the Bangalore Royal Challengers

by Gaurav Sethi

Kumble is shown into Sid Mallaya’s office by a buxom secretary. Seeing her, he coughs the obligatory cough.

Kumble: Hi Siddharth

Sid Mallaya (laughs): You can call me Sid…we’re friends, we know each other….right babes (asking secretary)

Secretary: Eh…

Kumble (briskly): You know I'm the Karnataka State Cricket Association President, and with that comes an added responsibility…just yesterday I was at the stadium in a suit…

SM: It was pretty ill-fitting….

Kumble (ignoring): Eh…Rahul thought it was smart…anyway, now I have to be a certain way, dress a certain way in public

SM: Whatever…

Kumble: So when I play for the Royal Challengers, I will have to wear a suit

SM: No way man…what’re you saying…you’re kidding right

Kumble: I’m very serious. These are not silly games anymore – this is politics. You can’t afford to have the KSCA President running around in some red and gold jump suit

SM (To secretary): Get me Dad… (and to Kumble)…man, next you’ll say, you wanna bowl in a friggin’ head bandage…

Kumble: Yes, people have very fond memories of the bandage…I even got Lara out in that

Virat Kohli breezes into Sid Mallaya’s office

VK: Hey Sid, wasup?

SM: Hey Vir, what will you wear for the IPL…

VK: What? The Bangalore Royal Challenger’s jersey of course.

1 comment:

ankita said...

hey.. it is not really that strange you know Kohli being retained.I rememeber Jennings giving an interview immdiately after last IPL to TOI where he said Kohli would be ready to captain RBC in 1 year and India in a couple of years.How could you miss it???