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Play It Again Sam : 2 - Benchion Not

by Bhaskar Khaund

A (fairly) new series on Player-Commentators

Play 2
Sometime in the future. Arun Lal, Harsha Bhogle and Zaheer Khan in the commentary box

HB : So Zaheer you reckon there's anything for the seamers here ?
No reply from Zaheer
Wicket falls

AL (excited) : Peach ! How good was that ! You must be impressed ,er, Zaheer ... ?
No reply from Zaheer. In fact ZAK has been quiet the entire time.
AL (uneasy little laugh) : Er Zaheer , I say , you haven't been , er , haha , injured , haha... ?

And ZAK nods !

AL(despairing): " Oh my goodness ,it's a mouth injury this time is it...(Agitated) but I..but I .can't understand it !"
HB ( bright , cheerful and pleasant self) : " Oh dear injured again but not to worry. Luckily for us we have a very talented reserve. Yes (smiles) step forward please won't you Manoj ?

Manoj Tiwari makes to move BUT..Suddenly ZAK starts speaking

ZAK : " Oh yes , definitely something in here for the bowlers ... "
HB (beaming) : " Ah Manoj , so we won't trouble you just yet now. But thanks so much, off you go to that bench of yours ,run along now ! Oh good lad ! "


crownish said...

Someone asks Zaheer a question.
*Zaheer digs his nose*

Anonymous said...

@ crownish - Ha ! - BK

pay per head demo said...

that was very cool bro and I was reading the comment that Crownish left and I found it pretty interesting and funny too haha