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Chanderpaul Stands Firm

by achettup

April 9th 1994
In his third test, Chanders is in a star-studded West Indian side
They've crushed England and taken the five match series 3-0 already
But in the 4th test England fight back, and the West Indies begin to collapse
Chanders enters at number 6, with the score on 126
Gus Fraser rips through taking 3 wickets at that score
The English snarl, "Get out little man"
But Chanderpaul stands firm
He battles and battles, and ends up with 77 and takes the Windies to a respectable 304
The Windies lose the match, but it would not be the last time Shiv glued an innings together

May12th 2003
The Windies and Australia have an identical 240 on the board after an innings each
Australia then roar to 417 after centuries by both openers
The Windies are 4/165 when Chanders comes in as Lara is dismissed
With Sarwan, with whom he would share many brilliant partnerships, he stitches together a century
Its too much for the snarling Australians as McGrath gets into a famous heated spat with Sarwan,
At the end of the day, Sarwan is dismissed for a century,
but Chanders stands firm and is unbeaten on his 100
The Windies complete a memorable win the next day, the highest chase in Test History

June 10th-11th 2007
Chasing an improbable 455 to win against England at Manchester
The Windies are reduced to 3-88 in the 32nd over of the second innings
Chanders walks in, as the English sledge "Just leave little man"
But Chanderpaul stands firm and he bats and bats and bats,
100 overs later, the Collymore is dismissed and England win by 60 runs
Chanders is unbeaten on 127*, Runako Morton's 54 is the next highest score
The West Indies failed in the first innings too, Chanders was the only batsman to cross 50

April 10th 2008
Sri Lanka collapse and recover in an ODI to post a respectable 235
Chanderpaul walks in with the Windies placed comfortably at 3/109 off 28 overs
And watches them collapse, he is still there when No.11 Fidel Edwards walks out
The score is 219 and the Windies need 17 off 7 balls, he slams the last ball of the over for 4
The wily Vaas concedes 3 runs off the first 4 balls as the Windies need 10 off 2 balls
"Give it up little man" but Chanderpaul stands firm
He smashes a 4 past mid-off and and then hits a full toss into the stands at mid-wicket

14th November 2008
Chasing 232 against Pakistan, Chanders comes in 2/14, after both openers are dismissed for ducks
Along with, who else but again that man, Sarwan he steadies the ship,
But Sarwan falls for 45 and the West Indies are failing again
For 44 overs Chanerpaul stands firm, defying the Pakistani bowlers
Wickets fall around him, as they have so many times in the past
As they will continue to fall around him in the future
When Gul bowls Lionel Baker, the Pakistanis triumph by 24 runs
That the Windies had hopes until that moment can only be because of Chander's defiance
He's not out on 107, more than half the team's total score

May 2015
In the dying light of a spectacular career, Chanders watches the West Indies in turmoil
But it isn't just their batsmen this time, its their administration
As it has been for over a decade
The legends ask him to retire, "Its time to leave little man"
But Chanderpaul stands firm, defiant to the very end
He will not retire and leave the team in the hands of those who will fail again
They drop him, but Chanderpaul still stands firm
After all those years, maybe it is the only thing he knows

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