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Should Sanjay Manjrekar be given a farewell match as commentator?

by Gaurav Sethi

Once Sanjay Manjrekar was omitted from the BCCI’s panel of commentators, there was no cricket left to commentate on. While Manjrekar took his omission far more gracefully than Ravindra Jadeja took his criticism as a “bits and pieces cricketer”, there’s no saying how this will end.

Manjrekar has been outspoken in his comment; often something that hasn’t gone down too well with watchers of the game – be it his take on Jadeja or Cheteshwar Pujara, he has minced no words.

But when it comes to his relentless praise of Rohit Sharma through the years, he’s spared no garnish.

Now the preoccupation with Rohit’s talent and unfulfilled promise has not been Manjrekar’s alone – commentators, many of them former cricketers, have spent so much time Rohiting away, it’s surprising Star Sports failed to start a channel for this sole purpose. What would they call it – Star Talent of course.

This could have led to Talent scouts, Talent hunts and a remake of the Hollywood film, The Talented Mr Ripley (rechristened as The Talented Mr Rohit).

Once upon a time, I was a huge fan of Sanjay Manjrekar’s – there I said it. Yes, I even said so on air. On NDTV, on a show titled The evolution of cricket commentary – from close to six years back but yes, I said it. After 30 minutes into the show when asked about our favourite commentator, I mention how commentators work in pairs and how Manjrekar-Chappell were one such pair, with an almost father-son rapport.

Today, when cricket and all sport appeared to have been given a farewell, we must ask ourselves, doesn’t Sanjay deserve a farewell match? Hell, even Ashish Nehra got one. Sachin got two.

Or would the BCCI rather have him go into exile and spawn another ICL and draw Ambati Rayudu back into it again? 

There’s much time for thought. I suggest a white ball game where Rohit Sharma will captain, open the batting and speak to Sanjay after the match. It is all he would have dreamed of.

Another thing, Ian Chappell should be invited as well. And if it’s TRPs that Star is after, maybe they seat Sourav, Sachin and Greg Chappell together as well.

After all, they pulled off Bhajji and Hayden, didn’t they? And there will be so much lost time to make up for – who knows, maybe they cage Manjrekar through his stints, promoting the match as Sanjay WildKar. Pujara can make an ODI comeback, what more could Manjrekar ask for? An elephant in the room perhaps.

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