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2 Sixes = 4 Wickets

by achettup

So Rohit Sharma won the "DLF MAXIMUM sixes" for hitting an unfathomable 2, yes thats double 1, sixes. The prize was a check for Rs 1,00,000... or 1 lakh... or $2000... or Rs 50,000 per six... or half a lakh... or $1000 per six

RP Singh was " Man of The Match" for taking 4 wickets... just a quick reminder that Fidel edwards had figures of 4-1-6-0. The prize was a check for Rs 1,00,000... or 1 lakh... or $2000... or Rs 25,000 per wicket... or a quarter of a lakh... or $500.

Wickets are cheap in T20s, but surely not that cheap... or sixes are expensive... but two of them? What if everyone just hits one, is the six that went the furthest? What if... ah duck it, who cares... its not as if we're talking about anything other than the sponsors getting an extra mention.


IPL Business said...

I want to say u are right bowlers do not get so much value as batsman IPL...People watch IPL only for runs ... According to me people are not understanding the money involved in it why so much money..people are crzy about cricket everyone is taking advantage of that......
What u think??
I like ur blog so I am waiting for response in my community and topics(link in the name)..

straight point said...

bowlers in T20 are there to make up for dare they even think of taking wickets...?!