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B the moment of the day

by RajaB

What did I say on twitter this afternoon ??

That shall "B the moment of the day" or rather days to come till KKR & the FIP comeback next season.

Bye Bye Buchanan & co (hopefully some sense prevails next season, Mr. SRK) !!

PS: Take one good look at all those brilliant ideas from the "Fountain of Ideas" himself


Gaurav Sethi said...

they won with an opening handicap + handy captain

RajaB said...

Now... what a talismanic innings it was.

Blasphemy calling him a handicap, how dare you ??

pRAFs said...

that's with KKR crossing the finishing line?
didn't someone tell Hodge, winning is simply not on the team's agenda?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Prafs, i'm convinced they've totally lost it.

RajaB said...

It's pretty interesting when a team looses it by winning it !!

Damn how confusing !?? KKR could have kept it simple...