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Bored Quickie! Cricket Mickey! Do the IPL Finals LIVE! As Bangalore do Deccan and vice versa

by bored cricket crazy indians

Click here for a Bored Quickie! And do the IPL finals LIVE! (Bangalore vs. Deccan, 7:30pm IST) The Bored Members are in, gotta feeling Fake will be there too, a shadow of his former self - either a bewada or a dhakan.

To follow the minutes of the Live meeting, click on the above link. It'll just take a second.

For a lowdown on Bored Quickie, you can get some release here!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether you guys have heard of him

he had predicted the results, of not one or two but last five matches, and all of them turned out to be true.

Boss, it's all fixed.