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Indians in a FIX to MATCH up with the Aussies

by Ankit

I have been reading a lot today. As I was reading, I just realised how timeless Indian cricket had been, apart from knowing how a certain Marquee can offend a person. I also read a great congratulatory for Pakistan on the T20 win, and add to that a sincere bashing of MSD’s tactics.
I capped off my knowledge acquisition by finding out what a Characters XI would look like.

To cut a long story short



Now to something far less important.

It seems that I was shouting out the words “fix” and “match”. In fact, I was. In the past 2 days, ever since a man who could Singh took to the Aussies and showed what anger and a little bit of Praveen Kumar can do.

Everyone has been talking of the match being fixed and the Aussies were paid off to bowl Watson (crap outside off) and Siddle (shit round the wicket). Brett ‘Shukriya India’ Lee could also have bowled, but then he would have had to bowl full tosses at head height. Just 3 of them.

So what is cricket all about? Is it about fucktards believing in theories, or about questioning the moral fibre of the players and authorities. I am not talking about the moral fibre of the bookies here. Or, is cricket about how it makes us feel.

When Harbhajan was teri-maa-keeoing the Aussies to all parts of Vadodara, what if Ponting was grinning from the inside? Was Shane Watson assured of a place in the next game that he was bowling his ‘natural’ deliveries? Was Peter Siddle hyptonised into believing that hitting the back of Harbhajan’s knee would stop the world from being destroyed on Dec 21st 2012.

I don’t care.

What I care about is the game was a treat to watch. Fans loved the excitement, Sehwag showed the bowlers how to get him out if the ball is swinging away, Sachin reiterated his commitment to temporary mediocrity, Students of the game got to know about a lot of skills to be learnt and not to be learnt, and Gambhir proved why he is the new Dravid.

The only people who seem to have a problem is those of a thick moral fibre and a thicker vacuum of attention. So let them be, and let us enjoy the game. If there is something wrong, trust me the ICC knows more than you guys. And if the ICC can’t do anything about it, no petition will.

If you really care about cricket, talk about how beautiful it is, not what is supposedly wrong with it. All that will get you is more pageviews. Oh, I forgot, you are happy with just that.

Ankit also blogs at the Brand New Paddlesweep


Bhaskar Khaund said...

Thanks Ankit - am truly overwhelmed

straight point said...

talking about match fixing is the easiest thing... coz the onus is not on you to prove it but on the party you are accusing out of habit... :)

Ankit said...

precisely my point SP...