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Who knew Marsh would score a hundred

by bored cricket crazy indians

The trouble with Sachin’s 175, it belittled Marsh’s first one day hundred.

We saw that coming, not Sachin's, but Marsh's hundred.

Early Bored call:

The quiet reassurance that classy openers have, Marsh has that. I see him scoring a ton this series, either Delhi or Mohali. If it happens at some another venue, I’ll take that.

But they didn’t play him in Delhi. Of course they did in Mohali and then Hyderabad.

In a way, Mohali was Marsh’s first chance, and Hyderabad his second. After his hundred, we all know he only gets going after two chances.

What happens after this is none of our business.


scorpicity said...

zbastard should have been playing a year back for them. Certainly not one of his best fluent self but he is destined for bigger things and surprisingly they don't just see it.

Instead they keep inducting losers with fancy names in their squad.

Mahek said...

Marsh was out injured until recently. I think he'll be a permanent fixture of their side now that he's fit.