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Moyo thinks his wicket was the turning point.

by pRAFs

I think the lamea@$ tactic of giving away runs to Hussey for one entire session had nothing to do with the loss.
May be Yousuf didn't realise that he had a rather inexperienced batting lineup at his disposal.
Lemme see,
The opening partnership is unsettled,
Faisal hasn't exactly set the stage on fire
Then there's Moyo leading from the middle
Umar still is inexperienced in spite of the much obvious talent.
and then there's Kamran Akmal. Poor lad, gravity around him is rather strong these days.
oh and Man of a thousand Dismissals, Misbah
All settled, eh?

Was there any need to risk chasing anything over 150?

Why would a person NOT try to knock over TWO batsmen when he has the resources?
One of the two persons catching were Kamran 'Gravity' Akmal.

Asif did look like he was asking for a normal field setting.

Surely, one and a half session of standing,clapping, staring into the distance had nothing to do with the aussie lead crossing 160 odd?

It's alright to take the blame for a rash shot, but who's taking the blame for the s#$t capatincy Moyo?


Gaurav Sethi said...

The turnings points: Misbah's return, Akmal's drops, and Moyo refusing to bat @3.

Moyo struck me as a coward trying to be brave by taking the blame; he is too far removed from reality to captain the team.

How he wanted the captaincy all his life, and look what he did - his post match interview was foolish. He should have the guts to call for an interpreter.

Strikes me now his biggest problem is no communication.

Unknown said...

for a person who has played so much, it was unbelievable to watch yousuf let it drift like that.

just how many overs were hussey and siddle givena free reign?

you could definitely see asi and co getting pissed off with the field settings

the biggest error was not giving his bowlers any chance to get a wicket.

should definitely have batted 3.

Fred said...

Very weird end to the game. All quite bizzare.