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Bored Game : World T20 League Update

by Aditya

Khufiabaaz has unearthed the reasons behind Bored Member/Cricket Mogul Mahek's Suspension. If you haven't read it yet do have a look here and also do read Mahek's response. The Bored Game is under new management and I as Chairman and Commissioner will ensure complete transparency and also there is no need for the franchises to worry, making sure their investments are performing well is our top most priority. The Brand of the Bored Game will take care of itself and make sure it will get bigger and better with time. The previous edition of the Bored Game had 41 franchises taking part at the end of 60 games which had a notification a week ahead of the start of the tournament. This time around, due to paucity of time we had the notification out just 7 hours before the start of the tournament and at present we have 34 franchises ( increasing by the day) competing for the Bored Prize. This just shows the increasing popularity of the Bored Game and it is here to Stay.

After Ten Games we have Technosiastic comfortably in first position but has no transfers left, followed closely by 5 teams separated by 110 points, this just shows how competitive our league is and a testament to how it will survive in the long run! Amongst the bunch of five we have rojonigondha leading the pack in at 2nd and TechieGuy 3rd. Ex-IBL Chief Mahek and Yours Truly in 4th and 5th positions respectively. We have Achettup, Purna (making her Debut) and Homer in 19th, 24td and 27th respectively. Given how the recent matches have been decided by D/L Method has added an element of surprise to the league and will continue to be more interesting as we move into the business-end of the tournament. A superlative performance from a trump player can propel franchise from the mid 20's into the top 5 ! Hence the present standings count for absolutely nothing !

On a personal note, the rain has hid me where it hurts the most! I have 4 English players in my franchise at present and two of them (Yardy and Broad) combined bowled less than 2 overs in their two matches which gave me a superlative '5' points !

An appeal to all the franchises to pick players from Bangladesh and Afghanistan as both the teams can still make it to the Super 8, so if you pick them now and if they qualify it will be a stroke of genius! Do follow the league table on Cricinfo.

Some of the franchises have used up their quota of 20 transfers ! Only time will tell whether this will prove beneficial to their franchise's progress in the Super 8 stage or do we not wait ? You decide! This has prompted me to remind all the franchises that the 20 transfers they have at their disposal are till the end of the Super 8 stage.

Chairman and Commissioner
Bored Game : World T20 league

1 comment:

jingado said...

haha... true... i had picked lankan bowlers mendis & mathews & also 4 english players of which 2 are bowlers... this rain has left me nowhere guys... that's 3 innings that i was expecting atleast a 100 points & all i got was 20.... as if that wasn't enuff, collingwood& yardy both scored ducks to steal even those leaving me with zilch...
rain rain go away, bored guys want to play....