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Batting School (2)

by Bored Guest

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The Heisenberg School for Uncertain Batting - When students of this school go out to bat, their captain, coach, mates - absolutely no one knows what they are going to do. In fact, most times, even they don't know what they are going to do. Often it appears they are batting in the context of some other game altogether. Harbhajan Singh is the greatest product of this school. Shahid Afridi was expelled from this school when the management realized that his batting was getting way too predictable to maintain the high standards of uncertainty achieved by students of this school. This school has campuses only in the subcontinent.

The WW2 Veterans School for Batting - These batsmen bat not on their captains’ orders but on Winston Churchill's orders. They perform best under severe pressure, as if in combat and when their mates are being decimated. These batsmen typically instill spine in their team's tail-enders, inspiring them to bat longer. Steve Waugh and V.V.S. Laxman graduated from this school.

The Sir Donald Bradman School for Advanced Batting Studies Ever since this institution was setup by Sir Don, there has been only one graduate from this school. There is a strong view in India that Sachin belongs to this school, while zealous followers even claim Sachin started the school, while still others feel that Sir Don belongs to the Sachin school.

To be Continued....

Pranav thought he'd play for India. An honest self evaluation of his cricketing talents made him realize that he would do well if he made the playing 11 of his college team for 2 consecutive games.
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Gaurav Sethi said...

Churchill's is inspired.

Govind Raj said...

Great going... Carry on :-)

Unknown said...

How many parts have you planned? This is amazing...