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Fear Of The Clarke

by achettup

Asked if he was still the best choice as Australian captain, Ricky Ponting replied "Absolutely - I've got no doubt about that at all. I will give my absolute best as I always have since I've been the Australian captain … to be the best leader I can be and the best player I can be."

But is Ponting just putting on a brave face? Is this what he really believes? As more people begin to question whether he has ever been the right choice as skipper, there are some who wonder if deep inside Ricky is convinced himself and whether he's trying to suppress recurring nightmares. Sources have informed us that a new artist, suspiciously named "pRiggy", has released a single titled "Fear of the Clarke." At this point we are trying to ascertain if it is indeed pRick singing. Bored has obtained a complete bootlegged copy of the track, but due to copyright concerns we can only release a 30 second preview right now...


Tifosi Guy said...

Shame on you for taking an Iron Maiden classic and spoiling, no matter what your issue's with Punter might be.

Some things like Iron Maiden songs should remain untouched.

Why didn't you take one of the god forsaken piss poor pop twit songs and screw it around merrily :D

achettup said...

Another peep outta you and I'll do a November Rain cover... :P