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Inside Chris Gayle's book of baby names

by Gaurav Sethi

Blush is for girl, Brag is for boy.
If you thought you knew Chris Henry Gayle, then you got another thing coming. The whole, “Don't blush, baby!” episode is still pretty fresh in Gayle's mind, not yours?  

After hitting the Hobart Hurricanes for 41 off 15 balls in The Big Bash, Chris Gayle decided to hit on TV interviewer, Mel McLaughlin. Not one for subtleties, Gayle got stuck right away: "I wanted to come and have an interview with you as well. That's the reason why 
I'm here, just to see your eyes for the first time. It's nice so hopefully we can win this game and have a drink after. Don't blush, baby."

Right, so you get the drift. It takes some cheek after all that to name your daughter, Blush. Not if you're Chris Gayle. You are #WorldBoss So you tell yourself and so says all of us. Now what if Gayle has a son, what do you think he'll name him? What's on top of Chris Gayle's mind?  In addition to Chris Gayle, here are some possibilities:

1. Mallya: The Gayle-Mallya relationship, whatever it was, was oddly special. Mallya invested more of himself in Gayle than he did in all his companies combined. And Gayle by the look of it, partied way harder in the IPL with RCB than he did in the Caribbean. Not far flung then that Gayle names his son Mallya, Vijay or even Dr for that matter. Don't put it beyond Gayle to call him Dr Vijay Mallya or Dr Dolittle as a dig at Mallya.

By that same logic, he could also name his son, Siddhrath Dolittle though unlikely. Of course all this sounds a little tame. A more logical or in Gayle's case, illogical name could be...

2. Kingfisher: After Blush, I'm beginning to get a sense of Gayle's outlandish naming trajectory. If he's thinking cricket leagues and all like he was with Blush, then RCB's bound to be up there, and I bet that Kingfisher jingle runs in his head all the time, don't put it beyond him to call the boy, King Fisher. Going by that thinking or lack of, RCB too is a possibility – Roy Chall Banga , yeah, he could stop at that to give the name some reggae rhythms.

3. Champion: The World T20 was a big, big deal for the West Indies as was DJ Bravo's “Champion” song. Highly possible that when the baby boy comes along, he'll be young master Champion. Or the way they were pronouncing it, could be the way he calls and spells it – Chaaamp-yun.

4. In batting order – sticking with the World T20 triumph, Chris Gayle not one for half measures, could name the boy after the whole team (in batting order, starting with Daddy Gayle) Chris Johnson Marlon Lendl Dwayne Andre Darren Carlos Denesh Samuel Sulieman – of course, the other ten players' names could be one helluva long middle name, so Chris Jr's name could be – Chris JMLDADCDSS Gayle Jr. Guess Gayle Jr won't have any dearth of God Fathers. Just by virtue of his long name, the boy could be eligible for Sri Lankan cricket.

5. Kingston: Proud Jamaican that he is, not beyond Gayle to name his boy either Kingston or Jamaica. Or even Port of Spain where he made his Test debut. Also don’t rule out Gayle calling his son Toronto (where he made his ODI debut) or Auckland (where he played his first T20I).

6. T20: Chris Gayle is possibly the ultimate T20 gun for hire. At last count, he had played for more T20 franchises than there were. Some of the teams he’s played for: Barisal Burners, Dhaka Gladiators, Jamaica Tallawahs, Kolkata Knight Riders, Lahore Qalandars, Matabeleland Tuskers, Melbourne Renegades, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Somerset, Stanford Superstars, Sydney Thunder, Western Australia, Worcestershire. Depending on whimsy, the poor boy could be named anything from Qalandar to Thunder.  

7. Brag: Just as pink is for girls, blue is for boys, so too “Blush” is for girl, “Brag” is for boy. Keep-it-simple-stupid, this is Chris Gayle. Stereotype it. It’s kid-naming, not rocket science. It seems highly possible, that when Blush’s little bro comes along, he’ll be called Brag. Nothing will be cooler for #worldboss Chris Gayle, and he does like a joke, no matter on whom or what. As for Gayle’s reaction, it’ll be a succinct LOLZ.

Next thing you know, the IPL will welcome Gayle back with a lady interviewer. Expect anything. Even a rehearsed, “Don’t blush, baby!”


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