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Not Bored Enough By Bitegate?

by achettup

Shahid Bhai's outrageous attempts to leave dental impressions on a cricket ball have made headline news all over the world... the blog-o-sphere even. Apart from the fact that Shahid Bhai admitted to cheating, it was the bizzare (and blatantly obvious) method that shocked cricket fans all over the world. In such times its easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of articles reporting and analyzing the event. That could bore you to death.

Don't let them do that to you. Instead get bored by the professionals:

Over at Not Cricket, namya ponders on the similarities between Bollywood films and the Pakistani cricket team and wishes a certain film was banned like Shahid Bhai. Head over to find out which one he's talking about. And if you've still not got enough of it, he's got some biting humor left.

Som at Doosra has given us the hilarious usual seven more reasons Shahid Bhai chose to bite the ball.

Naked Cricket comes up with a few plausible theories and throws in the odd spicy bit of Pakistani skipper skipping a cricket game just to add to the flavor.

Leela at Maidenbowling believes Shahid Bhai is culpable of committing a sin, particularly after his comments about cheerleaders at the IPL.

Over at TCWJ, Soulberry says it is just another one of the peculiar reasons that Pakistan lost.

At SoaL, your's truly discusses whether ball biting should be legalized and also is the first to report the unexpected camp that is supporting Shahid Bhai.

And of course right here on Bored, Rajab and BCC! have tried to find the most likely motive and extrapolate the consequences of Shahid Bhai's Bitefest.

At All Padded Up, Ankit Poddar asks if Shahid Bhai's chewmatics were actually the turning point in the game... to Australia's favor!

While SP throws open an altogether different debate at Straight Points - asking Why only Afridi was punished?

Rest assured that there will be many more tales on this story before the dust settles on it, as long of course as Shahid Bhai decides not to bite the dust!


Ankit Poddar said...


why was allpaddedup left out ;)?!

namya said...

thanks for the mention ach :-)

Gaurav Sethi said...

The Bitegate encyclopedia no less

achettup said...

@Ankit Poddar: Sorry, this was published around 11:30 in the morning and your post had only come out 20 minutes earlier, so I missed it. As you've probably noticed the minute I saw it, this post was updated to include it! :) And that was before I saw any of the comments. Its the same way I updated the post with Namya's second blog on it after I saw that.

@namya, sure thing

@NC can you also update this as you see more posts on this topic from Bored members? I don't want people to think there is any preferential picking going on here!